Dance is much more than just fun:

*Promotes a healthy lifestyle    *Increases self-confidence and memory    *Aids in overcoming shyness        *Relieves stress    *Increases flexibility, stamina, agility and balance    *Contributes to good posture and body alignment    *Improves the cardiovascular system    *Teaches self-expression and communication via music, rhythm and movement


At Arts Movement we are committed to being a part of the solution combating the growing child obesity epidemic while supporting the school curriculum.

We are passionate about educating and stimulating developing young minds.

Schools & Day Cares




Dance Fever!

(Dance Recital, Suggested Grades 1 - 8)


See your students shine on stage in their own dance recital! Using today’s music, students will learn an exciting and original dance routine. On the last day students will have the wonderful opportunity of performing the dance they’ve learned in front of an audience. It is an event that students, teachers and parents will cherish for years to come!




All That Jazz!

(Broadway Dance, Suggested Grades 1 - 8)


From Broadway to feature films to music videos, jazz has proven itself to be a cornerstone in the world of dance. Using today’s music, students will learn an energetic jazz dance along with the fundamentals including proper technique, body alignment, weight distribution, muscle support, grace and balance.




Not Just For Good Ol' Granny!

(Themed Line Dance - Disco, Latin, Country and Caribbean, Suggested Grades 1 - 8)


Line dance is back in style (and not just at the seniors centre either!) It is more popular than ever and students will have a blast learning themed line dances to music from today, not yester-year!




Choreography Classes

(Suggested Grades 3 - 8)


This program really gets the creative juices flowing! Using different rhythms and styles of music, students will explore their own movements.

Kids will discover a new appreciation for the arts while participating in a healthier lifestyle!

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